The Adaptive Community Is Our Mission. The Success Of The Community Is Our Vision.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the largest collective adaptive resource in the world.

It is our mission to help the world be more adaptive, accessible, and profoundly knowledgeable about the adaptive community. Be More Adaptive has been created for the purposes of having one location to fill adaptive needs. If there is to be anything adaptive or relating to the adaptive community, it can be found here at Be More Adaptive. It is also BMA's desire to connect all other adaptive nonprofits in one place so that resources can be utilized together. Be More Adaptive is made by the adaptive community, for the adaptive community, with an adaptive future as the goal.


Why We Exist

"When I became a new amputee, I learned very quickly that the world was difficult to navigate with a physical disability. I began to do my own research in hopes of finding ways to feel like I had a chance in the world. I distinctly remember how lost I felt in my quest to adapt and I never want anyone to feel as lost as I was. So, with the help of my friends, family, and the community, BMA was born, and with it a dream made reality.

Caitlin Conner, President


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a more accessible world for the adaptive community through partnership with other nonprofits, research facilities, businesses, and like minded individuals.

By pooling resources within the community, we can eliminate a lot of the problems the adaptive community has. Whether it be lack of funding, volunteers, participants, or even locations for events, if we come together and join forces, those once daunting problems can become problems of the past. We envision the adaptive community as not only one that works cohesively, but one that is productive and impactful. Educating the adaptive community is just as important as educating the general public. We hope to not only share our resources and knowledge to those in need, but also educate on the needs of the community to those who haven’t yet been made aware. Together we can build an accessible world for all.